Our Family Story

The Animal House was started as a means to fund our ability to help animals in need that have no family or home.

 The project was inspired by our late dog Bella who herself was a rescue. During the launch of this project our Bella passed suddenly from cancer. 

We have never forgotten the love that she brought into our lives. We dedicate this site and our purpose to her.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to provide you with quality pet supplies for your fur family members while helping the ones that still require a home. 

We constantly search for things that will improve you and your pets quality of life. Making quality, durability, and function our top priority. 

We dedicate this site to Bella. 

Welcome To Our House.

Our FIrst love

We first met Bella in February 2012, when we took the day to go to a local shelter to find the new addition to our family. 

Upon walking in we were almost overwhelmed with the amount of animals requiring a home. At the back of the shelter we seen an older puppy that captivated us with her spirit. 

We wanted more than anything to help them all, but financial limitations and accommodations prevented that.

We knew the expansion of our family started with her. Three dogs and two cats later our family continues to grow. 

Our Process

Our products are sent directly from production to your home for use. This reduces waste from overproduction. 

We are dedicated to continuously reviewing products to ensure that you and your fur family member get exactly what you need.

Haven't found what your looking for? Feel free to message or e-mail us and we will do our best to find it for you. 

We always look forward to hearing from you!

Helping Others

In addition to having a strong emphasis on the quality of items we bring into our collection, we also strive to improve the quality of life for animals who have not yet found a home. 

As we grow, we want to continue to expand our ability to positively impact animals lives. We are committed not only to bringing you the best pet supplies we can find but also bringing about positive change in animals lives.